Monthly Digest, September, 2015


Carl Wendt sorts through ideas for his feature Poetry Month article in the weekly while he waits at Ray Jay’s, the poetry bakery, for a ride to Dick Granahan’s funeral where he is joined by Peter Cairo along with some of Granahan’s old friends.  At Holy Cross cemetery, as he steps to the podium to say a few words in Granahan’s memory, he is startled to see the female police detective among the assembled mourners.  The mysterious ‘Gigi’ who supposedly dropped the dime on Granahan’s unorthodox grading practices makes an appearance. Some days later, bumping the deadline for his article on Val Richards aka Valentina Fox, Wendt’s investigation leads him to visit Val’s old haunts, including the Vivisection Lounge.  His now expanded feature article is entitled City Of Assassinations, Who’s Killing Our Poets?  Is there really a serial killer of poets as the recent deaths Valerie Richards, Ian Blake, Morgan Tilson, Reg Meyer, and Jeremy Beljhar would indicate?