Ode To Sunset Contents

Ode To Sunset
A Year In The Life Of American Genius

 A fiction about dying and death, about a poet
who is not quite Charles Baudelaire,
not quite Charles Bukowski,
who looks like a well-worn
Alex Trebek
but with the pit-bull demeanor of a Mickey Rourke.
It mostly takes place in a city not quite Frisco.
It is satirical, playful, and inevitably, deadly serious.

“. . .it is characteristic of American genius that the casual eye does not easily distinguish it from charlatanry. Purity of intention lies at the center of American achievement. Modern American writing is about honesty. The American tradition is to offer discovery, not virtuoso performances.” — Hugh Kenner

“A satisfactory novel should be a self-evident sham to which the reader could regulate at will the degree of his credulity.” — Flann O’Brien

“For every ten jokes you acquire a hundred enemies.” —Laurence Sterne

“A man of letters is the enemy of the world.”
Charles Baudelaire


“I’d better be a poet or lay down dead”
—Jack Kerouac



“Fame is a form of incomprehension,
perhaps the worst” —Jorge Luis Borges


“Fiction has a truth exceeding that of history”

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Caveat Lector

Some of the original posts can read differently than those same sections in the edited manuscript.


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of an interview with
Ode To Sunset author Pat Nolan


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Ode To Sunset author Pat Nolan


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Ode To Sunset author Pat Nolan



Part Four of an interview with
Ode To Sunset author Pat Nolan